09 marzo, 2008

La importancia de la constancia en los watios. Sindballe versus Faris

New record: 4:21:57 hours with hot but pretty calm wind conditions.
Torbjorn Sindballe breaks the record which Thomas Hellriegel established in the distant 1996 and was set at 4:24:50. The graph shows how Torbjorn has paced himself very well. His average power output of 300 watts in the first half of the bike leg is only slightly higher then in the second half when the danish express produced an average of 273 watts. With his consistent and strong effort, he managed to pass Faris with 10k to go after having spent most of the race just 3:00 behind. It is pretty obvious that he sits with an excellent aerodynamic. Despite his 10k in surplus of Faris that he needs to houl up Hawi, he managed to spend in average only 3 more watts then the champion to hold the same speed. And we can assume the difference lays in his chase to pass Faris. (286 watts).

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