13 agosto, 2008

anulado el Decaironman, qué putada!!!

He recibido este mail del director de carrera del Decaironman UK, qué lástima.

Dear Deca Competitor. Most of you on the entry list I know personally, for those that I do not know, I apologise in advance for the sensitive content on this email. I know the commitment and dedication that is needed for an event like the Deca so I believe I need to explain fully. The Double Iron UK which was held last weekend was a massive success. However, the next day my wife Lucy decided that she wants to end our marriage. Lucy was my support crew for my Deca challenge that was meant to be underway 2 days ago. As I would never ask an athlete do what I haven't done myself I am not prepared to organise the Deca in 2009 on this basis. I apologise greatly for any inconvenience caused however some things can not be predicted. Enduroman will write a cheque out for any fees paid by yourself and will be posted to your home address.

2 comentarios:

sina dijo...

Joer, que heavy, menos mal que por lo menos estás avisado con bastante tiempo, pero la desilusión de no poder hacer algo planeado es triste... En fin, cosas que pasan, no?
Ahora, este tio me parece que está un poco depre.... Quizás supera un poco lo del divorcio y se monta otro equipo, no??

ser13gio dijo...

Lo siento tío.
Como ya te han dicho, por lo menos la cosa es con tiempo, no es que sea un gran consuelo, pero al menos aún no estabas en ello al 100%.

Céntrate en lo que te traes entre manos que no te queda nada.